Love, Justice, Uncertainty, and More in Process Hacker News

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got love, justice, uncertainty, and more.

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Join Mark Silver for Heart of Business, a one-day workshop on November 8 in Baltimore, Maryland to learn how to combine business with love and see it thrive.


Rhonda Magee’s new book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice, is now out. Listen to Rhonda discuss the issues of racial bias and mindfulness on the Tricycle Talks Podcast.

On the What’s Next Podcast, venture capitalist and CEO Jerry Colonna sits down with Tiffani Bova to discuss leadership styles, how to get comfortable with uncertainty, and radical self-inquiry.

Hear about the future of augmented reality and the challenges it may introduce straight from The AR Girl herself, Galit Arie, as she chats with Tara Hunt and Carlos Pacheco on The Anatomy of a Strategy Podcast.

Co-authors Steven Goldbach and Geoff Tuff guest on the Healthy Paranoia Podcast to discuss how companies should prefer taking risks over the usual norms in business.


Coworking is a lot more common nowadays, and Alex Hillman shares his observations about changes over the years from the first to the third wave of coworking.

The finalists for the 2019 Outstanding Works of Literature awards have been announced, and several books by Hack the Process guests made the list, including Everyday Chaos by David Weinberger, Loonshots by Safi Bahcall, Connected Strategy by Christian Terwiesch and Nine Lies About Work by Ashley Goodall. Congratulations!

On the KM World blog, David Weinberger calls on the people of the web to bring back true blogging and the raw and real, non-promotional, community-centered essence of it.

Recommended Resources

Watch Yuval Noah Harari and Steve Pinker face off in a conversation about human nature and the challenges to the intellect of the Western world. Harari is an author Maneesh Sethi referenced, while Pinker was mentioned by Marissa Orr.

Jack Kornfield, who inspired Loic Le Meur has a new course on Udemy called Mindfulness Meditation with Jack Kornfield, which is on sale until November 9.

Simon Sinek, who was recommended by Alex Hillman, went on The School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes to break down how to win using the power of the infinite mindset. Lewis Howes’ podcast is also an inspiration source for Malek Banoun and Paula Jenkins.

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