You want to know what we use and what we like? Here is a constantly changing set of useful tools and services, gleaned from the advice of guest on our podcast, information that comes out of our blog, and her own personal experience. Check back here frequently, as this list will update whenever we discover something neat and new.

Note: We only list resources here that we actively recommend, whether or not they offer to compensate us in any way. In some cases, these sites may track where you found out about them, and may offer us a fee to thank us for recommending them. In those cases, we also provide you with a direct link to the service without the affiliate codes. We do appreciate the support if you choose to sign up for a service with an affiliate link, but we believe the choice should be yours.

GetResponse is a feature-rich email marketing solution, fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists. For over 10 years, it has provided easy-to-use, self-service applications and expert support for creating and managing email and video marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders that convert contacts into customers.
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Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone. Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects. Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.
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Process Street is a great service for making and managing reusable and assignable checklists to document and communicate your business procedures. If you have trouble delegating tasks, give Process Street a try and see how easy it is to condense your workflow into a process you can share.
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