Rob Chesnut Aligns Ethics and Intention at Airbnb on Hack the Process Podcast

When you’re the Chief Ethics Officer for a well-known company like Airbnb, you sometimes have to weigh the conflicting demands of shareholders, employees, guests, hosts, and governments around the world against your own integrity. Rob Chesnut says that starting with integrity makes the rest of the decisions much more straightforward, and he hopes to share that message with his new book, Intentional Integrity. In this Hack the Process interview, Rob will tell us what he learned about teaching a typically dry subject like ethics from watching YouTube videos with his kids, how he approached the challenge of writing a book while working full time, and why a company’s demonstrable values matter, now more than ever.

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Belinda Johnson:


Brian Chesky:


Meg Whitman:

Consumer Product Safety Commission:

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing:

Carnegie Mellon University:

Joan O’C Hamilton:



John Stuart Mill:

Warren Buffett:

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