Adrienne Bankert Succeeds Through Kindness on Hack the Process Podcast

The path to becoming a national news correspondent on network television can be difficult and frustrating, but for Adrienne Bankert it became an opportunity to embody kindness as the secret superpower behind her success. Now she’s sharing what she learned along the way with a new book, “Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness that Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You With Anyone.” In this episode of Hack the Process Adrienne explains why mentorship drew her attention to the relevance and power of kindness in her life, how she made time to write a book while traveling the world for her work, and what she gets back from making kindness a priority.

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Be a Champion of True Connections:

Perfectionism: Peace and the Pursuit of Your Ultimate Life:

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ABC News:

World News Tonight:

Noah Webster:


Bill Krause:

Diane von Furstenberg:


LA Unified School District:


Cheryl Fair:


Women’s World Cup:



genConnect u:

Jay Shetty:

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