Bill Schaninger Takes Companies Beyond Performance on Hack the Process Podcast

Companies and careers can both follow very different paths depending on the factors that motivate them. But according to Bill Schaninger, co-author of Beyond Performance 2.0, if all we track are short-term performance wins, we’re not setting ourselves up for sustainable health, and he has decades of research to back that up. In this episode of Hack the Process, Bill will tell us why it’s essential to start with aspirations instead of fears when driving cultural change, what differentiates companies that achieve sustainable success, and how his own unconventional background and education helped him thrive at McKinsey for almost two decades.

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Beyond Performance 2.0:

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The War for Talent:

Auburn University:

Saint Joseph’s University:

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Moravian College:

Shippensburg University:

Peace Corps:

Harvard University:


Carnegie Mellon University:

Stanford University:

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania:

Swarthmore College:

Haverford College:

Scott Keller:

Anne Blackman:

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