Lucid Dreams, Coworking Artists, Cultural Branding, and More in Process Hacker News

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got lucid dreams, coworking artists, cultural branding, and more.

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On Sunday, October 20, I’ll be at Silicon Valley Code Camp in San Jose, California to talk about the Agile Extreme Programming Dojo I coach for software development teams, designed to improve both quality and joy. Use the code green-10 for a discount on the already low weekend registration.


Learn about designing tech events as Cascade SF’s founder, Andi Galpern shares some of her stories and experiences on The freeCodeCamp Podcast.

News Up Now published a feature on Andrew Nance and his new children’s mindfulness book, The Lion In Me!

As a guest on the Did You Know Podcast, Daniel Coffeen chats freely about the inhibitions of academia, free speech, cultural changes, and the importance of branding in culture movements.

Listen to Morgan Kling explain influencer marketing and its halo effect on brand awareness on the RBOA Video Podcast.

On the $100MBA Podcast, Omar Zenhom breaks down how Netflix became successful and tells us three things we can learn from the movie-streaming subscription company as a business.

Have you heard about lucid dreaming and sleep yoga? Hear Andrew Holecek, a Tibetan Buddhist, explain these practices to Lisa Dale Miller on the Groundless Ground Podcast.


If you’re considering working remotely, Frank Strona has written up a few good reasons why you should totally go for it.

Jenny Feinberg is one of the artists interviewed for a Forbes article about how co-working can be the future of art.

Data science, once a domain of pure analysis, is starting to be more deeply integrated into product design, and Rich Mironov has some product management tips for data science projects.

For Indy Hall’s 13th anniversary, founder Alex Hillman shares how he shrunk his coworkers, ordering custom-made Lego figures sporting the Indy Hall hoodie, and using them as giveaways for the anniversary party.

Recommended Resources

Catch Malcolm Gladwell, who was mentioned by Josh Haynam, in London at the Southbank Centre on November 25 and the Manchester Opera House on November 28 for his Talking to Strangers UK book tour.

Josh Linkner, who was mentioned by Tiffani Bova, has posted an article laying out his 5×5 decision model, a structure that asks five different questions in five different time frames about the impact of any decision.

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