Mentoring Mentors and Small Sharing with Andi Galpern on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 25

Andi Galpern is the founder of the San Francisco based Design community Cascade SF, who open-sourced her own Design education by inviting experts to teach the subjects she wanted to learn. Andi also hosts events she describes as speed dating for mentoring, which give designers the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from each other without the overhead of giving a presentation to a large group. But small sharing can lead to larger sharing, and Andi talks about how the mentors in her program come to realize that they actually know more than they thought through these interactions, and move on to become leaders in their own areas of expertise. Andi discusses how learning to delegate expanded her potential, and the importance of putting ideas out there and sharing them with more people, to build a brand and develop confidence

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13 thoughts on “Mentoring Mentors and Small Sharing with Andi Galpern on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 25

  1. For some reason (and I may be wrong) I feel like I might have gone to one of her design workshops when I was in SF. Did Andi ever teach at the HQ? If not wrong person! Overall, I loved Andi’s message around mentoring and her creative spirit. The interview was entertaining and educational 🙂

    1. Yes, that was probably one of Andi’s Cascade SF events. I’ve been to a couple that were held at WIX. Beautiful location for an event, and as I recall she made excellent use of every room and corner.

  2. Great episode! This is a creative way to connect mentees with mentors. Not everyone can do a great presentations, but everyone has something of value to say. I started a monthly event last December, but it can’t seem to get off the ground. So there are plenty of things to learn from her process. You are a great interviewer David, I love your practical questions.

    1. Hi Pierre! Glad you enjoyed the interview! David is a great interviewer and helped me learned quite a bit about myself. How much time are you putting into the event and is the topic something you’re passionate about?

  3. Very Clever! Love the idea of putting together a meet-up to learn and share amongst each other.. We often think we need to know more than we do to get started- if there is a will, there is a way! Thanks for sharing Andi’s resources- great interview!

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