2018-10-02 Process Hacker News – Rentable Fashion, Courageous Parenting, Effective Moonlighting, and More

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got rentable fashion, courageous parenting, effective moonlighting, and more.

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Congratulations to Rent the Runway for opening up a standalone shop in San Francisco! The fashion startup, where Hampton Catlin is VP of Engineering, lets members rent special occasion clothing for a monthly subscription fee.


Some seats are still available at Integrative Thinking for Leaders on October 5 in Toronto, where Jennifer Riel will teach participants to use differences to create new options.


Teens can be tough to manage, but you can listen to some tips from Psychologist Dr. Ken Wilgus as he shares his knowledge about effective parenting of teens in the newest episode of the Groundless Ground Podcast by Lisa Dale Miller,

As a guest on the Raiseology Podcast, Kate Swoboda discusses the courage habit and how it applies to the challenges of being a parent.

On the Building A Business That Lasts Podcast, Gavin Zuchlinski talks about Acuity Scheduling’s history and growth, and how the appropriate work attitude can support learning and decision-making.

Curtis McHale compares running a business to running a race, and sheds light on what happens when the going gets tough for a business.

In Tiffani Bova’s Let’s Be Clear interview at Dreamforce 2018, she shares the wisdom learned from the thirty companies she talked to for her book, Growth IQ.


Got a full-time job? Ryan Waggoner recommends you try moonlighting as a freelancer and provides several great reasons why in his updated article.

If you’ve been exercising and eating well, but these healthy habits are leaving you worn out, Julian Hayes II suggests eleven possible reasons in his recent article.

As a Mindfulness Instructor, Andrew Nance shares some ways to use performing arts to help children express emotions instead of acting out.

On Quora, Rich Mironov gives his thoughts on the challenges of product acquisition for a large tech company, as opposed to new product development.

Recommended Resources

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker who was mentioned as an inspiration by Byron Morrison, Jay Wong, Adam Siddiq, and Luis Congdon, and on his recent podcast episode, he chats with author and leadership expert Sam Walker about what it means to be a true leader.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders can register now for the Black Girls CODE Computer History Museum Enrichment Event on October 28 in Mountain View, California to learn about designing and coding. Kimberly Bryant, the founder of Black Girls Code, was recommended by Michelle Kim.

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