The Courage to Start Your Business with Kate Swoboda on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 27

Ask Kate Swoboda what it takes to start a business and she’ll tell you it takes courage. In fact, courage is such a central element in her message that she often goes by the name Kate Courageous. Kate went from college English professor to life coach several years ago, and now trains life coaches to move through their own doubts and fears and accept the challenges they come up against. In this episode of Hack the Process, Kate will discuss how she realized that life coaching was her next calling, why chasing motivation can be a distraction from getting things done, and how one common core fear keeps many of us from pursuing our dreams.

Where to Find Kate Online

Your Courageous Life:

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Resources Kate Mentioned

Brene Brown:



Carl Rogers:

Marie Forleo:



Paula Jenkins:

Katie Campbell:

The Courage Club:

The E-Myth Revisited:

Danielle LaPorte:

Pema Chodron:

When Things Fall Apart:


Cheri Huber:

Author: M. David Green

The host of Hack the Process, M. David Green is a writer and agile business coach, and the founder of Agile That Works, a consultancy that helps people in engineering organizations collaborate more effectively to make constant improvement a daily practice.

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