Recognizing and Sharing Solutions with Hampton Catlin on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 11

In all likelihood you have visited a website built using techniques pioneered by my guest this week, Hampton Catlin. Among his other accomplishments, Hampton created the mobile site for Wikipedia, and invented web development languages such as Haml and Sass that revolutionized the way the modern web is built. Hampton credits his outsider perspective, growing up gay in Florida, for challenging him to see problems differently, and recognize solutions that seem obvious only in retrospect. And fair warning; Hampton uses a lot of jargon specific to the world of web development in this episode. If that squicks you, try to imagine he’s using terms from any other industry you understand where people work together to build something. That may help you relate to Hampton’s stories about the confidence to see how your own weird ideas can help real people, provide real value, and change the world.

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