Integrative Thinking for Better Choices with Jennifer Riel on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 63

When you have to make a tough choice, what process do you follow? Do you seek common ground and compromise, or dig in your heels and insist on your original perfect vision? It turns out there may be a third option. Jennifer Riel has been working with Roger Martin to share their research on integrative thinking, which teases out the best of opposing ideas to uncover a new and sometimes unexpected approach. In this episode of Hack the Process, Jennifer will share how she went from a liberal arts major into executive consulting, what role mentorship has played in her career choices, and why her work focus has broadened from the business world to the elementary school classroom.

Where to find Jennifer online:

Creating Great Choices by Jennifer Riel and Roger Martin:



Resources Jennifer mentioned:

Rothman School of Management:

Roger Martin:

The Opposable Mind:

A. G. Lafley of P&G:

Isadore Sharp of Four Seasons:

Toronto International Film Festival:


Ellie Avishai:

Toronto District School Board:

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp of Lego:

Jack Bogle of Vanguard:




Adam Grant:

Daniel Pink:

White Working Class by Joan C. Williams:

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt:

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The host of Hack the Process, M. David Green is a writer and agile business coach, and the founder of Agile That Works, a consultancy that helps people in engineering organizations collaborate more effectively to make constant improvement a daily practice.

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