2018-08-28 Process Hacker News – Bear Pride, Sleep Science, Pricing Pitfalls, and More

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got bear pride, sleep science, pricing pitfalls, and more. Enjoy!


There’s still time to register for the Navigate Transitions Workshop by Jon de Waal on September 22 just north of Seattle, where participants can learn about the Life Currency System to deal with life’s rough changes more smoothly.


Frank Strona’s new TEDxProvincetown talk is up on YouTube! In the video, he sheds light on Bear Culture, typified by large, hairy, gay men, and discusses what Bears can teach Goldilocks and the rest of the world about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.

On The Unstoppable CEO Podcast, Gavin Zuchlinski talks about Acuity Scheduling and shares his thoughts on where to get your best business ideas.

You can maximize your day by energizing through sleep according to Julian Hayes, who was recently on the podcast Exploring Mind and Body to discuss sleep science.

Starting a business without any experience can be tough but certainly not impossible. Learn how Omar Zenhom made it happen on The $100MBA Show.

Mark Silver chats with Staci Jordan Shelton, a performance consultant who offers a program called Unraveled, an exercise in untangling for personal development and growth.


The newest guest on Hack the Process, Tiffani Bova, recently launched her book, Growth IQ, in which she digs into her expertise and experience in growth and innovation leadership to reveal ten paths to take when growing your business.

Richard Straub is extending the legacy of Peter Drucker through the Global Peter Drucker Forum, and Ron Carucci has a new article in Forbes telling us how Peter Drucker’s human-centered management lives on.

Does the process of turning an idea into a book stump you? Tom Corson-Knowles shares the basics of writing a book in his latest blog post.

Interviewing customers can be extremely valuable for your business, but how does a busy product manager ensure he’s got time for them? Rich Mironov offers a few ideas.

Recommended Resources

Stop making excuses and start getting what you want. Marie Forleo, whose work motivated Kate Swoboda, has put up a new video as a reminder that making excuses can hold you back from getting where you want to go.

The High Performance Academy by Brendon Burchard, referenced by Jay Wong begins on September 20 and lasts until the 23rd in Phoenix, Arizona. Trainees of the High Performance Master’s Program get access to the live event to learn about psychology, physiology, productivity, people and persuasion mastery.

On August 30, Patrick Campbell, recommended by Justin McGill, will be holding Pricing Pitfalls, a webinar about pricing issues frequently encountered by companies.

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