Red Flags, Early Mornings, Dubious Devices, and More in Process Hacker News

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got red flags, early mornings, dubious devices, and more.

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Heather Chauvin is bringing a One-Day Women’s Leadership Mastermind to Ontario, Canada on February 22 to help women step up, be empowered, and learn to lead.


On the Badasses in Tech Podcast, Sasha Ariel Alston shows up to talk about how she began in tech. Her book, Sasha Savvy Loves to Code, was also called out by Ladies Love STEM as one of five inspirational children’s books.

You can automate your schedule and manage your appointments with Acuity Scheduling, as explained by the founder, Gavin Zuchlinski on The Nicole Holland Show.

Every one of us has experienced fear of failure at one point in life. Kate Swoboda wants to help you have more courage and get unstuck from this fear in her newest podcast episode.

Most entrepreneurs say that getting up early is the key to productivity, but is it really? You can find out what Omar Zenhom thinks about it on The $100MBA Show.

In Curtis McHale’s most recent vlog, he asks you to check and see if your priorities match your actions. Listen and discover if you’re spending enough time on the things you set out to do.


Meet Awaken’s 2018 Inclusion Award Winners, announced this week by Awaken CEO and co-founder Michelle Kim. Congratulations!

Our privacy may be at risk with smart home devices, but we can’t seem to let go of the convenience of having them. Tara Hunt shares her opinion on why it’s important not to trust these smart devices blindly.

RightMessage, co-founded by Brennan Dunn is one of the recommendations on Pat Flynn’s list of tools for email marketing.

As a freelancer, choosing clients can be tricky. Avoid problems by taking note of these red flag phrases bad clients might use spelled out by Ryan Waggoner.

Recommended Resources

Rick Hanson and Daniel Rechtschaffen, two resources mentioned by Andrew Nance, are both joining Educating Mindful Minds from April 19 to 21 in New York, where mindfulness will be discussed in the management of stress, anxiety, and mental health issues.

Social media experts and leaders will be gathering in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World from March 20 to 22. Boss Mom Dana Malstaff, recommended by Maria Dismondy, will take part to discuss how to create a sustainable community using Facebook groups.

The Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast features Jay Samit, whom Pam Wasley mentioned. On the show, Jay chats with the hosts about being innovative and avoiding job disruption.

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