Process Hacker News for May 1, 2018 – Psychic Intuition, Pricing Turmoil, the Delirium of Kairos, and More

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got psychic intuition, pricing turmoil, the delirium of kairos, and more. Enjoy!


Jenny Feinberg will be holding a solo exhibition of her paintings starting June 1 at Serendipity Labs in Hollywood.

Join Rhonda Magee, Sharon Salzberg, and Acharya Fleet Maull for a few days of meditation at Compassion in Action, which will run from August 15 to 19. There’s also a video of Rhonda’s recent talk, Toward Just Healthcare for All: Revolutionary Reflections on Mindfulness, Social Justice, and Integrative Medicine.


Brennan Dunn created RightMessage even when his other business, Double Your Freelancing was doing great. Why? Listen to his story on the Mixergy Podcast.

In an episode of It’s Time to Sell Podcast, you’ll hear Gavin Zuchlinski discuss how to run an efficient and productive business.

Yoga expert, speaker, and author Suzan Colon speaks with Paula Jenkins about her book and her work on the Jumpstart Your Joy Podcast.

Let Julian Hayes II teach you how to sleep your way to success on the 5 o’clock Hustle Podcast.

Watch this video by Guy and Ilan Ferdman for a chance to win free spiritual books and a program as well. Join now!


Andrew Hsieh, editor-in-chief at The Slant, interviews Michelle Kim about how she hopes to redefine how companies talk about diversity and inclusion.

A recently published Redbull article by Seth Abramovitch featured Sarah Cooper, and reveals how she went from being a Google designer to a comedian.

Mark Silver has been holding off on updating the rates for his services on Heart of Business for some time now. Read how he feels about changing prices.

Kairos is knowing the right moment, and Daniel Coffeen shares his musings on the delirium of that often-sought perfect state.

Recommended Resources

Dublin, get ready! One of Jay Wong’s favorite authors, Neil Gaiman is speaking at the International Literature Festival in Dublin on May 27.

The Ziglar Legacy Conference and Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Ziglar Headquarters will happen from May 3 to 4, featuring various big names in the industry. Zig Ziglar is a major influence for Engel Jones.

Keith Ferrazzi emphasizes the value of showing up early and shares his back story in the latest video he published. Keith’s book, Never Eat Alone, was mentioned by Ryan Waggoner in his interview.

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