Discover Your Own Unique Real Self in 12 Minutes with Engel Jones on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 60

What can you learn about someone in 12 minutes? If you’re Engel Jones, there may be no limit. Engel hosts the Twelve Minute Convos podcast where he’s interviewed close to 2,000 people in less than two years, focusing in on the qualities that define a unique brand for each and every one. In this episode of Hack the Process Engel will tell us about the mastermind network that inspired him to get started with his podcast, explain how he came up with the questions he uses to structure his shows, and describe the logistics of scheduling and recording over 800 interviews in just 12 weeks.

Where to find Engel online:



Your Own Unique Real Self:


Resources Engel mentioned:

Dave Ramsey Show:

Aaron Walker:

View From The Top:

Jim Judge:

Zig Ziglar:

Think and Grow Rich:

Financial Coach Master Training:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield:



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