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Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got contemporary coworking, prolific podcasting, subscriber segmentation, and more.

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Catch Jenny Feinberg in the Castro Art Walk in San Francisco, as she showcases her vibrant, expressive paintings on August 1.

Seerfest 2019 is a one-day digital marketing event on October 3 in Philadelphia, where April Dunford will be a speaker. All sales from the tickets will go to Hopeworks Camden, an organization set up to help the youth of Camden, New Jersey achieve technology skills and job opportunities.


In a world where working remotely at home is starting to be more common, why is coworking still valuable? You’ll hear about it in an interview with Alex Hillman on the Building Remote Teams Podcast.

On the Inspired Money Podcast, you can find out more about Engel Jones and how he launched his record-setting podcast with the goal of having thousands of meaningful conversations with folks.

Bill Wooditch pays a visit to the Breakfast Leadership Podcast to discuss his book, Fail More, and how failures can be used as foundations.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Safi Bahcall discusses why he thinks Richard Branson and Elon Musk have outdone NASA.


Why do you need to segment your subscriber list and what’s the best way to do it? Brennan Dunn has come up with a beginner’s guide to help you out.

When your boss betrays you it can change our career outlook, and most times, it’s for the worse. In a new HBR article, Ron Carucci offers ways to avoid the risk of becoming someone you don’t want to be.

Some folks still prefer physical books over ebooks, and Curtis McHale is one of them. He also names a few book titles important enough to buy in hard copy.

Recommended Resources

Sean Ellis, who was referenced by Vinay Patankar and Maneesh Sethi, is working with Itamar Gilad to present the Breakout Growth Workshop in Barcelona on October 1. The event hopes to accelerate value delivery and achieve breakout growth for both new startups and established companies.

On October 3, TEDxSan Francisco will be featuring a wide range of speakers, including Lauren Kunze, who was mentioned by Loic Le Meur, and Kimberly Bryant, who inspired Michelle Kim.

Here is a list of interesting UX folks you can follow on Twitter, and one of them is Laura Klein, who was recommended by Rich Mironov in his Hack the Process interview.

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