Process Hacker News for October 30, 2017

There are so many distractions in the news these days, from politics to natural disasters, that it can be hard to focus your attention on your own process. But as the latest Process Hacker Josh Haynam mentioned in his interview, having that routine to fall back on can make all the difference, and can actually help unleash your creativity.

We’ve got some great updates this week from the creative Process Hackers who’ve been guests on the show before, along with a new feature: Recommended Resources, which we’ll be using to share useful updates from people who have been recommended by our Process Hackers.



Process Hacker Updates

Law and mindfulness practitioner, Rhonda Magee was acknowledged on the Mindful blog post by James Gimian, where he explains his perspective on Why There’s No Mindfulness Movement.

Ever wondered how podcasters make money podcasting? Discover what Luis Congdon can teach you. You may also want to listen to his latest podcast episode with David Henzel on living a balanced life.

This week Loic Le Meur, founder of the speaker network, published a great essay about the impact of mindfulness and meditation on his life over the past five years.

Don’t like bad news or Mondays? Satori Prime siblings Guy and Ilan Ferdman have two new episodes on their Have It All podcast just for you. Listen in to their conversation on The Inner Game of Your Response on the Shooting in Vegas and their chat with their guest, Matthew Cooke on How to Love Mondays.

If you are an independent or self-published author, Tom Corson-Knowles invites you to join 2017 Readers Choice Awards. Submissions are accepted until December 10.

On November 6 in Silicon Valley, Ron Lichty will be speaking at Agile Camp about dream teams and how to make them come true. The last two events sold out, so go register now!

Leaving your beloved job in exchange for more time with your children is a must, and that’s exactly what led Jessica Sweet to open her own coaching business. Join Tom Morkes as he speaks to Jessica about How to Grow Your Own Coaching Business.

Jumpstart Your Joy host Paula Jenkins speaks this week with her guest, Christine Petty, about the topic of Trust, Love, and Spirituality.

Recommended Resource Updates

Lewis Howes, a lifestyle coach referenced by several Process Hackers, is interviewed on Michael Alden’s new episode, where he shares his journey from sports to entrepreneurship, and tells more about his upcoming book, The Mask of Masculinity.

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Podcasting Master Class with Lewis Howes

Today I attended a podcasting class with Lewis Howes, who has a podcast called The School of Greatness.  the class was being offered at CreativeLive, where I have taken classes before. In fact, earlier this year I took a class there on video distribution which was really amazing.

One of the nice things about living in San Francisco is that a lot of companies like CreativeLive have local offices, which means I can take advantage of things like meetups, local events, and being a live studio audience participant in classes like these. CreativeLive brings guests from all over to host classes like this one, and broadcasts them free while they’re being filmed. When you attend live in the studio, you even get to have a free copy of the class forever.

Lewis provided a lot of great information about what’s involved in putting together a podcast, and building a personal brand around it. He’s just in the middle of launching a book tour to promote his new book, also called The School of Greatness, based on the lessons from the podcast.

The man’s energy is amazing. I really admire the way he’s trying so hard to promote the book to get it onto the New York Times bestseller list. I think he’ll make it.

I met some amazing people in the class, too. I want to see if I can stay in touch with some of them. Many of them already have podcasts, and everybody was planning on launching one if they didn’t have one already. I think having a group of folks like that in my network could help motivate me to get my own podcast off the ground.

edit:  Here’s a link to the CreativeLive class Lewis taught. If you watch the videos, you’ll see me asking some questions. It was a good investment of my time, and I think it’s worth the money.

edit: Congratulations to Lewis Howes for getting his book on the New York Time bestseller list two weeks in a row!