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Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got big thoughts, inspiring acts, social proof, and more.

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The Women’s Foreign Policy Group, together with CulturalVistas, is featuring Ann Mei Chang on May 2 in New York for their Author Series to enlighten the audience about accelerating impact with social innovation.

On May 4 in New York, you’ll find Sasha Ariel Alston presenting a workshop at the CS Teachers Conference – For Teachers By Teachers, an event that promotes unity among teachers in NYC.

Empower yourself through voice expression! Join Mike Massy in Beirut, Lebanon for the Voice Matters Workshop, a six-day program for voice coaching and self-healing from May 6 to 8 and May 13 to 15.


Our latest Hack the Process guest, Safi Bahcall paid a visit to The Tim Ferriss Show to explore the topic of thinking big and share the ideas found in his newly-published book, Loonshots.

What are the benefits of coworking? Tune in to this interview with Anne Driscoll and Chris Schultz on the Marketer of the Day Podcast to find out what they have to share. Chris also recently published an informative post on Medium about Opportunity Zones legislation and how the tax incentives affect small businesses.

The late rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle inspired many folks, including Nicaila Matthews-Okome who shares her journey in the first quarter of 2019 and quotes Nipsey in her latest podcast episode: The Highest Human Act is to Inspire.


Social proof is a psychological phenomenon which encourages people to copy the actions of others. Tom Corson-Knowles teaches how, by using social proof in marketing, you can grow your business, and he breaks down the types of social proof in his latest blog post.

Are you in need of a few business books to spark that lightbulb moment and drive you into action? Alistair Clay lists 47 of the best small business marketing books so far for 2019.

Recommended Resources

The Boss-Free Virtual Summit is an eight-day online gathering of some of the finest coaches, entrepreneurs, and authors coming from a variety of industries, starting on April 30. Some of the participants will be Jeff Goins, Pamela Slim, Aaron Walker, Dorie Clark, John Lee Dumas, and Natalie Eckdahl. These speakers were all referenced by previous Hack the Process guests, including Curtis McHale, Pace Smith, Engel Jones, Nicole Holland, Ron Carucci, Tom Morkes, Nicaila Matthews-Okome, and Maria Dismondy.

The proposed changes to Medicare Part D will likely take away valuable medications required by Americans living with HIV. Join forces with Tez Anderson, mentioned by Frank Strona in his campaign to protect this program and the health of folks affected by HIV.

If you can’t join author Julia Cameron live for one of her in-person writing workshops, you’ll be glad to know that Julia has introduced The Right to Write Video Course. Heather Chauvin, Loic Le Meur, and Jay Wong are all fans of Julia’s books.

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