Process Hacker News for February 5, 2018

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got meditation retreats, funding good tech, boosting sales, and more. Enjoy!


RightMessage, a new automated content personalization tool, just launched, and Brennan Dunn could use your help in spreading the good news!


Fund Club, which was co-founded by Ashe Dryden, was able to raise $7800 in January to help bring back ThurstHQ, a safe dating app that lets queer people of any gender connect online. You can support Fund Club too!


Thanks to Kimberly Wiefling for sharing news about the Women of MENA in Technology Conference which features women of Middle Eastern and North American backgrounds in tech. It’s happening at Oath in Sunnyvale, California on February 10.

Join Lisa Dale Miller for a day of meditation on February 10 at Equanimity: Freedom Beyond Identity and Preference in Santa Cruz.

Awaken clarity and experience results by joining The Elevation Effect, a two-day gathering for men that will be led by JuVan Langford from April 28 to 29 in London.


Our most recent guest on Hack the Process, Mike Massy, just uploaded a new video recording of his song, Qalbi. Give it a listen!

Sarah Cooper dreamed of being a comedian but ended up with Plan B: working for Google. Hear her talk about her career detour and her upcoming book on the Recode Decode Podcast.


Process Street by Vinay Patankar has published some new blog posts by Benjamin Brandall and Ben Mulholland on simple process creation methods and lean manufacturing principles for quality results.

Google Alerts can help boost your sales. Find out how with step-by-step examples in this article from LeadFuze, founded by Justin McGill.

Recommended Resources

The annual Wisdom 2.0 Conference is coming up this month, from the 22nd to the 24th of February in San Francisco. Guest speakers include some Hack the Process recommendations such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield and Chade Meng-Tan. They were people who influenced Bill Duane, Lisa Dale Miller, Rhonda Magee, and Loic LeMeur.

When designing an interface, how do you understand the needs of users? Paul Boag, a resource mentioned by Curtis McHale, may be able to help you figure that out on the latest episode of the Boagworld podcast.

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Getting Scrappy About Your Projects with Kimberly Wiefling on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 22

You have to be scrappy to make it in business and in life, and nobody teaches scrappiness like Kimberly Wiefling. Hear how she went from studying Physics to working as an executive in high-tech companies to publishing books on project management and leadership for women and running her own successful business speaking and running training seminars internationally. Kimberly will share the formula she uses to structure her live presentations for maximum learning and audience engagement, and explain how important mentoring and coaching have been in her work, and tell us how she built her business one face-to-face relationship at a time.

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