Oscar Trimboli Teaches How to Listen Deeply on Hack the Process Podcast

You can listen much faster than you can speak, and you think even faster than that. But according to Oscar Trimboli, author of Deep Listening, the point isn’t just how many words you can comprehend in a minute. On this episode of Hack the Process, Oscar discusses what we need to be paying attention to while we’re listening to someone speak, why deep listening matters both in our business and personal lives, and how his audacious goal of bringing deep listening to 100 million people has challenged him to speak more.

Where to find Oscar online:

Website: https://www.oscartrimboli.com/
Deep Listening Podcast: http://www.oscartrimboli.com/podcast
Deep Listening Book: https://www.oscartrimboli.com/deep-listening-book/
Listening Myths: https://www.oscartrimboli.com/listeningmyths/

Resources Oscar mentioned:

World Memory Championships: https://www.worldmemorychampionships.com/
Boris Konrad: https://www.boriskonrad.com/
James Brown: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Brown
Kelly Irving: https://www.kellyirving.com/
Matt Church: https://www.mattchurch.com/
Dermot Crowley: http://www.dermotcrowley.com.au/
Kevin Monroe: https://kevindmonroe.com/
The Higher Purpose: https://kevindmonroe.com/listener/
Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/
Erik K. Johnson: http://erikkjohnson.com/
Lisa Lockland-Bell: https://www.lisalockland-bell.com/

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