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Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got online fundraising, founder dating, hiring professionals, and more.

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The Resource Alliance has announced Ann Mei Chang as a keynote speaker at Fundraising Online 2019, a free virtual conference from June 12 to 13 that will focus on digital fundraising, engagement, and emerging tech trends.


What qualities are emerging leaders missing? Ron Carucci shares his thoughts on the Growth Mindset University Podcast.

On the Leadership from the Core Podcast, Ashley Goodall separates fact from fiction about conventional leadership ideas.

Dr. Anna Lembke sits down with Lisa Dale Miller on the Groundless Ground Podcast to expose the truth about the inadequacy of modern psychiatric treatment, opioid overprescribing, and ineffective chronic pain treatment.


Founder dating helps potential co-founders find each other and determining whether they are a good fit before creating a startup together. Ricky Yean shares a few founder dating rituals which might help you find your perfect co-founder match.

If you’re wondering what podcasting equipment to try, check out this post from Alex Cespedes, in which he shares the tools he uses to record his show, Or So I Thought. While you’re there, sign up for his new weekly newsletter featuring eight things worth sharing.

On the basis of a survey taken last March, Rich Mironov has put together a new blog post to answering the questions product leaders ask about their careers.

In running a business, when should we do it ourselves and when should we hire help? In a new blog post, Mark Silver suggests two areas where we might be better off putting ourselves in the hands of professionals.

Drawing on his experiences a professor, Daniel Coffeen shares a story about his personal experiences dealing with the fear and loathing of academia and its harsh reality.

Recommended Resources

The Boss Mom Workshop, a seven-hour intensive workshop centered on business and launching programs, is coming to Baltimore, Maryland on July 18. Boss Mom Dana Malstaff, who is followed by Maria Dismondy, will be leading the workshop.

Improve your website’s conversion rate with Paul Boag’s one-day London workshop on September 10. Curtis McHale is a fan of Paul Boag’s show, Boagworld.

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