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Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got inner work, impossible scaling, social arcs, and more.

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On October 19 and 20, Ron Lichty will be presenting What’s It Take To be A Good Manager at Silicon Valley Code Camp, sharing the secrets to managing programmers and being successful at it.


How does Jay Wong make $20,000 a month from his podcast? Yaro Starak, who was mentioned by Michelle Dale, finds out in an interview with Jay.

On The Nice Guys on Business Podcast, Zack Friedman talks about his business, his book, and living the lemonade life.


The Inner Work of Racial Justice is a new book by Rhonda Magee which will be released on September 17, but it’s available for pre-order right now. Go get your copy today!

You can also preorder The Lion in Me, a children’s mindfulness book by Andrew Nance, which comes out on September 17.

In his latest Forbes article, Ron Carucci interviews David Lee, the Chief Operating Officer of Impossible Burger, who shares the five startup scaling lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from Impossible Burger.

Ricky Yean‘s latest post reflects on the arc of social media and the various components that shaped their changes over the years.

Success and failure often go hand in hand. Bill Wooditch preaches the wisdom of failing more to achieve success in an interview on MindTools.

Creating a media list is a great way to get journalists to take notice of your brand. Alistair Clay has a four-step guide which he shares in his new blog post.

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs who travel a lot to neglect their health, what can they do to stay fit on the road? Julian Hayes includes a few simple tips in his latest Entrepreneur article.

Recommended Resources

Talking to Strangers, the newest book by Malcom Gladwell, is now out in stores. Josh Haynam is one of the many fans of Malcolm Gladwell’s work.

Podcast host and online marketing expert Amy Porterfield reveals the five most profitable digital courses in her chat with John Lee Dumas on the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast. Nicole Holland, Nicaila Matthews-Okome, and Tom Morkes have all mentioned listening to John’s podcast.

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