Chuck Swoboda Tells Us the Difference Between Invention and Innovation on Hack the Process Podcast

After 17 years as a tech CEO fighting the naysayers to lead a revolution in LED lighting, Chuck Swoboda, author of The Innovator’s Spirit, has a lot to say about what innovation means. It’s not just a matter of creating something new. That new thing also has to provide value that a customer will recognize and reward. In this Hack the Process interview, Chuck explains how he learned to leverage failure without making it an objective, what changed for him as his company grew from 30 employees to several thousand, and why the best opportunities often come from being told something is impossible.

Where to find Chuck online


Cape Point Advisors:



The Innovator’s Spirit:

Resources Chuck mentioned


Marquette University:

Thomas Edison:

Six Sigma:


Clayton Christensen:

Reid Hoffman:

Carol Dweck:


Steve Jobs:

The Design Sprint:

Google Ventures:

Darren Dahl:


Cirque du Soleil:

George Washington:




Bill Hewlett:

Dave Packard:

The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt:

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