2018-08-21 Process Hacker News – Fast Food Humor, Scheduling Social Media, Lies, Lies, Lies, and More.

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got fast food humor, scheduling social media, lies, lies, lies, and more. Enjoy!



Interested in learning how to run events of your own? On August 23, Andi Galpern is hosting a webinar called Ask Andi, where she will answer queries about putting together events and growing a brand.

Join Rhonda Magee, George Mumford, and Rose Pavlov at Mindfulness for Social Justice from October 5 to 8 in Garrison, New York, where practitioners will learn how mindfulness can help them address issues in the community. Rhonda also offers a more in-depth explanation about mindfulness and social justice in a blog post she published.

Catch Sarah Cooper at Martech 2018 in October at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, an annual conference focused on marketing, tech, and management. Also, recent news about a mother giving birth at Chick-Fil-A also inspired Sarah to publish a hysterical guide comparing maternity services at fast food chains.

The Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community, organized by Kimberly Wiefling, is featuring the principal of Critical Change LLC, Thea Singer Spitzer, at Collaborate to Achieve Amazing Things on September 20 in Palo Alto. The event, hosted by Ron Lichty, will be focused on team collaboration.


For Jina Anne’s 35th birthday, she invites you to celebrate life by donating to the clean water campaign for Charity:Water she put up to help provide clean and safe drinking water to people all over the world. Happy birthday, Jina!


Lies, lies, lies. As he launches season two of his Rendition Podcast, Alex Cespedes shares three short stories about lies and their effects.

A new episode of the Groundless Ground Podcast by Lisa Dale Miller reveals how embodied cognition and embodied mindfulness can be explained, with philosophy professor and writer Evan Thompson.

Listen to Alex Hillman tell the story of how he began coworking in Philadelphia and how he founded Indy Hall on the Philly Who Podcast.

There is a difference between training like a power lifter versus training like a bodybuilder. Let Malek Banoun help you figure out which one is best for you in his newest vlog.

There are so many ways social media have changed our lives, but not all of them have been positive. Curtis McHale tells us the reasons why he doesn’t schedule time for social media on The Smart Business Show.

Recommended Resources

Not feeling the thrill when working on certain skills? Amy Hoy, podcast partner of Alex Hillman, offers some tips on learning new skills you’re not passionate about.

Marques Brownlee talks Tesla and tech in an interview on his Talk Tech show with Elon Musk, who is a prominent resource mentioned by a number of guests, such as Tom Morkes, Omar Zenhom, Ricky Yean, Loic Le Meur, and Alex de Simone.

Scott Anthony discussed Leadership Lessons from the Trenches of Disruption in a recent Talks at Google presentation. Scott is a strategic advisor mentioned by Ron Carucci.

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