Process Hacker News for March 6, 2018

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got imposter syndrome, intermittent fasting, inspired organizations, and more. Enjoy!


For the second episode of Groundless Ground Podcast, Lisa Dale Miller invited Researcher and Bodymind Science Co-Founder Peter Payne to speak about the clinical use of Qigong.

Pam Wasley shares her insights on networks, leadership, and career, and states that nothing is a one-way street on On The Schmooze Podcast.

Podcasting has a lot of perks, and gaining visibility and credibility by podcast guesting is highly possible. Nicole Holland gives details about that on the Your Online Genius Podcast.

Malek Banoun gets asked by a caller about intermittent fasting. Hear about his experience in the new episode of FIT Sessions Podcast.

This week’s winner of Free Ride Friday has been announced on The $100 MBA Show, where Omar Zenhom reveals the most important asset in business, how to develop it, and how to use it effectively.


Last month Hack the Hood, an organization helping low-income youth of color to enter careers in tech, raised $7,800 with the help of the members of Fund Club. Keep supporting Fund Club, co-founded by Ashe Dryden.


Avoid some common mistakes managers make when it comes to diverse teams by following these suggestions by Michelle Kim on Quartz at Work.

In a new article written by Julian Hayes, he enumerates a couple of reasons why feeling like an impostor is good for high performers.


Kimberly Wiefling’s newest book, Inspired Organizational Cultures: Discover your DNA, Engage Your People, and Design Your Future is now out!


Encourage positive traits in your kids by watching Empowering Kids with Character from Maria Dismondy. For the month of February, Maria suggested using the February Love Challenge to boost your child’s good character.

Recommended Resources

Being needy is commonly seen as a negative trait, but on the Being Well Podcast with Dr. Rick Hanson, who was recommended by Andrew Nance, Dr. Rick says that we all have needs, and explains how to get yours met.

Cecil Baldwin, a resource mentioned by Alex Cespedes, recently announced that ALL HAIL, Welcome to Night Vale’s live show, is coming to the US and Canada in April. Check out their schedule to know if they’re stopping by your neighborhood.

Come meet and greet Elizabeth Gilbert on her Big Magic Tour! Elizabeth’s words as an author inspired Tara Byrne.

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Mindfully Taming Your Puppy Mind with Andrew Nance on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 8

Andrew Nance is a Mindful Practitioner who enjoys bringing the gift of using the breath to focus the mind and body to classrooms of students as young as four and five years old. And if you giggled just now trying to imagine a group of kindergarteners practicing mindfulness, you need to hear Andrew describe his experiences teaching children to breathe quietly, all the while thinking to themselves, “with this breath my mind grows stronger so I can focus a little longer.” Andrew relates the practice of mindfulness to his own experience with theater arts, and discusses pursuing his passion amid the practicalities of work in the nonprofit sector. He’ll also tell you a little about his upcoming line of children’s books, which might be able to teach all of us how to relate to our inner puppy minds.

Where to Find Andrew Online

Mindful Arts San Francisco:



Update: order a copy of Andrew’s Puppy Mind book:

Resources Mentioned by Andrew

The Science of Well-Being:

UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center:

Rick Hanson Buddha’s Brain:

Mindful Schools:

San Francisco Education Fund:

Parallax Press – Plum Blossom Books:

Eline Snel Sitting Still Like a Frog:

Daniel Reichtschaffen The Way of Mindful Education:

Mindful Magazine:

Mindful Schools Community:

The Mindful Life Project: