Investing in Opportunity, Defining Yourself, Writing for Salvation, and More in Process Hacker News

Welcome to the Process Hacker News, your weekly roundup of useful news and updates from Process Hackers who have been guests on Hack the Process with M. David Green. This week we’ve got investing in opportunity, defining yourself, writing for salvation, and more.

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Catch You’re So Brave, a free comedy show by Sarah Cooper and Nikki MacCallum, as they hit Poco in New York City on March 28!

Be part of an evening of design mentoring and networking at Mentor Night by Cascade SF on April 8 in Rodan + Fields in San Francisco. Cascade SF was founded by Andi Galpern.


Do you let your bad experiences define you? In the latest Your Courageous Life episode, Kate Swoboda reminds us not to let the unhappy days change who we are.

Find out all about coworking hubs and startup investment opportunity zones from the latest Hack the Process guests, Chris Schultz and Anne Driscoll, who explain it all on the Opportunity Zones Podcast.

Derek Stewart is a former accountant who moved to the Philippines to work for an Australian outsourcing company and now interviews business folks leading rapidly growing Australian companies. Listen to his 12-minute conversation with Engel Jones on the Twelve-Minute Convos Podcast.


In celebration of International Women’s Day, check out the featured women of design, including Hack the Process guest, Jina Anne, published by IxDA San Francisco.

After posing a question on social media about mental health, Ricky Yean got to thinking seriously about the issue and how we take care of ourselves. Read what he has learned from his friends’ personal experiences.

If you’re a in product management, Rich Mironov could use your help by taking a survey for a workshop for senior product managers who are thinking of becoming product leaders. Rich also shares his thoughts about how to unpack user stories as a team in a recent blog post.

It’s not wrong to ask clients to promote you, and Mark Silver urges you to go ahead and do it.

Recommended Resources

The new Game of Grow Podcast walks you through Muoyo Okome’s entrepreneurial journey and all the lessons he learned from it. Muoyo is the husband of Nicaila Matthews-Okome, and she credits him as a source of inspiration.

On the Super Soul Conversations with Oprah Winfrey,
Charles Eisenstein, who was referenced by Jenny Feinberg, spreads the message that a more beautiful world is possible. Tiffani Bova and Nicaila Matthews-Okome both mentioned Oprah during their Hack the Process interviews.

Beyond the red lipstick and nail polish, Bozoma Saint John, who inspires Sasha Ariel Alston is all about bold moves, no regrets, and a fearless attitude! In her latest Adweek blog post she reveals her best advice, and shares how she achieved her current role as Endeavor’s CMO.

According to Julia Cameron, writing can be a great way to practice creativity and improve well-being. Julia, whose writing gave encouragement to Loic Le Meur, Jay Wong, and Heather Chauvin, joins Dr. Vidisha Patel on the Perspectives Podcast to share why she considers writing a source of salvation.

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