Dr. Wayne Baker Encourages You to Ask for Help On Hack the Process Podcast

You know that one unobtainable thing you need? You might be able to get it just by asking, according to Dr. Wayne Baker. His new book, All You Have to Do is Ask, can tell you why it works and show you how to do it, based on years of research and work in the field of generalized reciprocity. In this episode of Hack the Process Dr. Baker will tell us how he structures his time to put writing at the start of his day, what surprised him about his initial research into generosity, and why it’s important to communicate the meaning of your request for help.

Where to find Dr. Baker online

Website: https://www.waynebaker.org/

All You Have to Do is Ask: https://allyouhavetodoisask.com/

Asking Giving Assessment Test: https://allyouhavetodoisask.com/assess

Givitas: https://giveandtakeinc.com/

Resources mentioned

Cheryl Baker: https://allyouhavetodoisask.com/

Reciprocity Ring: https://giveandtakeinc.com/reciprocity-ring/

Harvard Business School: https://www.hbs.edu/

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