Living In Your Liminal Transition with Jon de Waal on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 59

It’s tempting to focus on our goals and try to push quickly past the intermediate stages as we move from one state to another. But acknowledging those liminal spaces is a necessary part of the process. Jon de Waal is a coach who specializes in helping people learn how to give a name to their endings, respect their transitions, and celebrate their new beginnings. In this episode of Hack the Process Jon will tell us what convinced him to leave a practical career that supported him and his family to pursue an unsure path as a coach, where he found the personal support to build a business and a client base, and how his faith informs the work he does with people of all backgrounds.

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The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology:

William Bridges:

Richard Rohr:

Rob Bell:

David Whyte:

Crossing the Unknown Sea:


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