From Student to Serial Entrepreneur with Alex De Simone on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 7

Alex De Simone is a serial entrepreneur who helped found the popular job search site Jobr, which is optimized to support both candidates and recruiters. He’s currently launching his second company, CallerZen, based on insights about how millennials expect customer support to work. And he’s still just in his second year of an MBA program at Stanford. Find out how this busy fellow uses his interests to strengthen his personal network, what his experiences have taught him about leveraging two-sided marketplaces, and his opinions about the relevance of business school in the current business climate. And you’ll have to check out the links and the video in the show notes below if you want to find out about Alex’s role as lead vocalist for 90’s cover band Cloning Dolly, which he says is run as a RaaS startup–and that’s rock-as-a-service!

Where to find Alex online




Startup Toolkit Presentation:

Cloning Dolly (RaaS):

Some resources Alex mentioned

The D School at Stanford:




Gymnast Lenika De Simone:

Elon Musk:

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