Christian Terwiesch Strategizes Around Continuous Customer Relationships on Hack the Process Podcast

Can modern businesses learn to leverage the fact that we’re all constantly connected through our computers, phones, and smart devices to build long-term relationships with their customers? Christian Terweisch and his co-author have a new book, Connected Strategy, which explores the opportunities and tradeoffs of some of the different approaches companies are trying, and where it might lead us next. In this Hack the Process interview, Christian will tell us how his academic career unexpectedly led him to become a pioneer in online video courses, What he’s learned from his work teaching business skills to top executives, and why we need to find a balance between trust and concern over privacy as we start to rely on connected companies.

Where to find Christian online:

Connected Strategy:

Work of Tomorrow Radio Show:


Resources Christian mentioned:

Karl Ulrich:

Nicolaj Siggelkow:

Google Docs:


The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania:


Innovation Tournaments by Karl Ulrich and Christian Terwiesch:

Chris Heather:


Daphne Koller:

Gottlieb Daimler:

Henry Ford:








Uber Eats:

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