Coaching Leaders and Accepting Coaching with Ron Carucci on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 57

It can be hard to realize your own power, and even harder to make effective use of it, without some objective feedback. Ron Carucci had already taught at Fordham University, written several books, and co-founded Navalent, a successful leadership consulting firm, when he realized he needed a coach himself. In this episode of Hack the Process, Ron will discuss the advantages of co-authoring books and co-founding companies, tell us how he learned to become visible to his ideal audience, and share his favorite ways to cut through the information clutter online to find the most valuable resources.

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The Challenges of Learning to be a Thought Leader are Different than You Think:

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Fordham University:

Juilliard School:


Manfred Kets de Vries:

Dorie Clark:

Entrepreneurial You:

Stand Out:

Mindful Leadership Coaching:
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Scott Anthony:

Dual Transformation:

Kim Scott:

Radical Candor:


Harvard Business Review:

Daniel Kahneman:

Susan Cain:

Mentoring Mentors and Small Sharing with Andi Galpern on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 25

Andi Galpern is the founder of the San Francisco based Design community Cascade SF, who open-sourced her own Design education by inviting experts to teach the subjects she wanted to learn. Andi also hosts events she describes as speed dating for mentoring, which give designers the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from each other without the overhead of giving a presentation to a large group. But small sharing can lead to larger sharing, and Andi talks about how the mentors in her program come to realize that they actually know more than they thought through these interactions, and move on to become leaders in their own areas of expertise. Andi discusses how learning to delegate expanded her potential, and the importance of putting ideas out there and sharing them with more people, to build a brand and develop confidence

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Meditation Studio:







Chloe Bregman:

Adam Ruf:

George Komoto:

Respecting the Power of Good Product Management with Rich Mironov on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 23

Quick, explain the differences among Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Product Management. If you work in a company with one or more of these organizations and the answer doesn’t trip easily off your tongue, then you might want to listen to Rich Mironov. Rich is a Product Management expert who helps companies understand and respect the differences, and improve how these groups work together. Rich makes the case that “Product is not in charge of shipping on time, but Product is in charge of shipping the right thing that customers need and will pay for.” In this episode, Rich discusses exactly how he builds and maintains his strong social network, explains how leading workshops helps him stay on top of his industry, and points out the importance of defining a problem/solution set that will allow you to sell a benefit that addresses a problem your customers actually have.

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Tristan Kromer:

Laura Klein:




Myers-Briggs Test:





Teresa Torres:

Getting Scrappy About Your Projects with Kimberly Wiefling on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 22

You have to be scrappy to make it in business and in life, and nobody teaches scrappiness like Kimberly Wiefling. Hear how she went from studying Physics to working as an executive in high-tech companies to publishing books on project management and leadership for women and running her own successful business speaking and running training seminars internationally. Kimberly will share the formula she uses to structure her live presentations for maximum learning and audience engagement, and explain how important mentoring and coaching have been in her work, and tell us how she built her business one face-to-face relationship at a time.

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Scrappy Women in Business:


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Games Mother Never Taught You by Betty Lehan Harragan:

Barbara Fittipaldi:

Career Action Center:

Sara Hart:

Time to Think by Nancy Kline:

Jeff Richardson:

Yuko Shibata:

Dr. Francine Gordon:

Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership:

Ron Lichty:


Association for Corporate Growth:

Michael Horton:

Joel Barker:

Harvard Negotiation Project:

Dr. Edgar Schein:

Project Connections:

Mitchell Levy:

Nikkei Business Press:

Peter Meisen:

Buckminster Fuller:

NASA Ames Planetary Sustainability:

Silicon Valley SIMCenter Group:

Sustainable Silicon Valley:

Global Footprint Network:

Marianna Grossman:

Building Your Community First with Alex Hillman on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 19

A lot of people think of a coworking arrangement as renting a desk when you can’t work anywhere else. But Alex Hillman, the founder of Indy Hall, sees it as an opportunity to build a community, and maybe even help define the future of professional relationships both in and out of physical space. In this episode, Alex will tell us how the loneliness of freelancing drove him to start looking for alternatives to working in isolation, what it takes to train a team to nurture solid connections, and how a third-grade experience with fish sticks got him started down the path toward changing the world one relationship at a time.

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Chris Messina:

Tara Hunt:

Simon Sinek:

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek:



30×500: https://30×