Discover Your Own Unique Real Self in 12 Minutes with Engel Jones on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 60

What can you learn about someone in 12 minutes? If you’re Engel Jones, there may be no limit. Engel hosts the Twelve Minute Convos podcast where he’s interviewed close to 2,000 people in less than two years, focusing in on the qualities that define a unique brand for each and every one. In this episode of Hack the Process Engel will tell us about the mastermind network that inspired him to get started with his podcast, explain how he came up with the questions he uses to structure his shows, and describe the logistics of scheduling and recording over 800 interviews in just 12 weeks.

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Your Own Unique Real Self:


Resources Engel mentioned:

Dave Ramsey Show:

Aaron Walker:

View From The Top:

Jim Judge:

Zig Ziglar:

Think and Grow Rich:

Financial Coach Master Training:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield:



Living In Your Liminal Transition with Jon de Waal on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 59

It’s tempting to focus on our goals and try to push quickly past the intermediate stages as we move from one state to another. But acknowledging those liminal spaces is a necessary part of the process. Jon de Waal is a coach who specializes in helping people learn how to give a name to their endings, respect their transitions, and celebrate their new beginnings. In this episode of Hack the Process Jon will tell us what convinced him to leave a practical career that supported him and his family to pursue an unsure path as a coach, where he found the personal support to build a business and a client base, and how his faith informs the work he does with people of all backgrounds.

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Resources Jon mentioned:

The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology:

William Bridges:

Richard Rohr:

Rob Bell:

David Whyte:

Crossing the Unknown Sea:


Coaching Leaders and Accepting Coaching with Ron Carucci on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 57

It can be hard to realize your own power, and even harder to make effective use of it, without some objective feedback. Ron Carucci had already taught at Fordham University, written several books, and co-founded Navalent, a successful leadership consulting firm, when he realized he needed a coach himself. In this episode of Hack the Process, Ron will discuss the advantages of co-authoring books and co-founding companies, tell us how he learned to become visible to his ideal audience, and share his favorite ways to cut through the information clutter online to find the most valuable resources.

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The Challenges of Learning to be a Thought Leader are Different than You Think:

Navalent Free Ebook:



Ron’s TEDx Talk:

Resources Ron Mentioned:

Fordham University:

Juilliard School:


Manfred Kets de Vries:

Dorie Clark:

Entrepreneurial You:

Stand Out:

Mindful Leadership Coaching:
(Not specific link but compilation of books)

Scott Anthony:

Dual Transformation:

Kim Scott:

Radical Candor:


Harvard Business Review:

Daniel Kahneman:

Susan Cain:

Spreading Mindful Intentionality Inside Google with Bill Duane on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 56

What does a title like Superintendent of Well-Being at Google actually mean? For Bill Duane it was a chance to take the mindfulness practices that helped him deal with his own anger and grief, and share them in a sustainable way. In this episode of Hack the Process Bill will explain how the practical value of meditation overcame the objections of his rational mind, what processes helped him develop a scalable training program at Google, and why he decided to leave the company after twelve years to create space for new opportunities.

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Resources Bill Mentioned:

Patrick Pichette:


10% Happier:

Horizon Zero Dawn:


Tara Healey:

Harvard Pilgrim:

Jon Kabat-Zinn:

Dave Snowden:

Cognitive Edge:

Veteran’s Path:

Search Inside Yourself Learning Institute:

Chade-Meng Tan:

Wisdom Labs:

Maria Dismondy Shows How to Write, Publish, and Build a Business as a Mom on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 54

When you need a particular book and it doesn’t exist, sometimes you just have to write it yourself. But it takes focus and determination to turn a first book into a career change, especially while bringing up three children. Maria Dismondy took on that challenge, and now she’s an award-winning writer of children’s literature, and has built a publishing company to help other women share their work. In this episode of Hack the Process Maria will tell us what mentors and mastermind groups have taught her about delegating responsibilities, why she continues to invest her time and energy in social networking, and how she structures her routine to get it all done in a few hours a day without sacrificing family time.

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Resources Maria mentioned

Jonathan Rand:



Natalie Eckdahl:


Dr. Michele Borba:




Four-Hour Workweek:


Boss Mom: