Creating a Movement with Tara Byrne on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 12

Tara Byrne is a powerhouse in the field of social entrepreneurship, organizing events and helping to launch startups with a common theme of supporting both personal and professional development for people who want to make a positive difference in the world. Her inspiration to establish Under 30 Changemakers has become a worldwide movement, which she shepherds through her passion for collaborating, and the art of productive procrastination. In this show, Tara tells us the three keys she’s found to effective marketing, how she uses social Aikido to make sure everyone wins in any confrontation, and how liberating declaring a failure can be at the right time.

Where to find Tara online

Under 30 Changemakers:

Tara Byrne on Twitter:

Under 30 Changemakers on Twitter:

EarthConference on Twitter:

Tara’s conference planning template
Open it in Google Drive and download it for your word processor or make a copy to edit.

Resources Tara mentions in the show

Startup Weekend:

Campus Party in Utrecht:

Transformative Action Institute:

Wim Hof, aka the Iceman:

Eric Termuende, founder of Gen Y Inc:

Anita Wing Lee of Global Meditation Scope:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Antifragile by Nassim Taleb:

Help a Reporter Out:

Seth Godin:




Recognizing and Sharing Solutions with Hampton Catlin on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 11

In all likelihood you have visited a website built using techniques pioneered by my guest this week, Hampton Catlin. Among his other accomplishments, Hampton created the mobile site for Wikipedia, and invented web development languages such as Haml and Sass that revolutionized the way the modern web is built. Hampton credits his outsider perspective, growing up gay in Florida, for challenging him to see problems differently, and recognize solutions that seem obvious only in retrospect. And fair warning; Hampton uses a lot of jargon specific to the world of web development in this episode. If that squicks you, try to imagine he’s using terms from any other industry you understand where people work together to build something. That may help you relate to Hampton’s stories about the confidence to see how your own weird ideas can help real people, provide real value, and change the world.

Where to find Hampton online

Hampton’s website:



Resources Hampton Mentioned

Mobile Wikipedia:




Learning from Tea with Strangers with Ankit Shah on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 10

You might not see the concept of spending an hour or so chatting with strangers over tea as a business opportunity, but maybe you will after you listen to Ankit Shah, Founder & CEO of Tea With Strangers, tell us how he discovered and recognized the real need for his unusual organization by accident. Ankit thoughtfully frames his perspective on the difference between a traditional business with company values posted on their “about us” page, and the truly values-driven structure that emerges when something the world needs attracts and supports the people who tend it and bring it into existence. You’ll hear how Ankit keeps himself motivated, how he measures the success of Tea With Strangers, and why he wouldn’t go back and try to change the mistakes he might have made along the way.

Where to find Ankit online

Tea With Strangers:

Twitter: @ankitshah

Resources Ankit Mentioned

Doodle Scheduler:

Paul Graham interview:


Agile Management for the Unmanageable with Ron Lichty on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 9

In this episode we chat with Ron Lichty, who discovered his passion for technology early on, when he realized that programming in assembly language was easier for him than writing in English. And he knows the difference, because he’s also worked as a journalist and published several books with co-authors. His most recent book, Managing the Unmanageable, is about how effective management can help software engineers achieve the ecstatic state of flow that Ron says coding in a productive environment can produce. We ask Ron about how he gravitated toward management despite his enthusiasm for programming, how and why he took his career from full-time employee to independent consultant, and what his experiences writing with co-authors have taught him about collaboration.

Where to find Ron online:

Ron’s website:

Managing the Unmanageable:

Managing Software People and Teams LiveLessons:

Ron’s LinkedIn Profile:

Resources Ron mentioned:

Agile Software Development:


Kent Beck:

Mindfully Taming Your Puppy Mind with Andrew Nance on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 8

Andrew Nance is a Mindful Practitioner who enjoys bringing the gift of using the breath to focus the mind and body to classrooms of students as young as four and five years old. And if you giggled just now trying to imagine a group of kindergarteners practicing mindfulness, you need to hear Andrew describe his experiences teaching children to breathe quietly, all the while thinking to themselves, “with this breath my mind grows stronger so I can focus a little longer.” Andrew relates the practice of mindfulness to his own experience with theater arts, and discusses pursuing his passion amid the practicalities of work in the nonprofit sector. He’ll also tell you a little about his upcoming line of children’s books, which might be able to teach all of us how to relate to our inner puppy minds.

Where to Find Andrew Online

Mindful Arts San Francisco:



Update: order a copy of Andrew’s Puppy Mind book:

Resources Mentioned by Andrew

The Science of Well-Being:

UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center:

Rick Hanson Buddha’s Brain:

Mindful Schools:

San Francisco Education Fund:

Parallax Press – Plum Blossom Books:

Eline Snel Sitting Still Like a Frog:

Daniel Reichtschaffen The Way of Mindful Education:

Mindful Magazine:

Mindful Schools Community:

The Mindful Life Project: