Getting Scrappy About Your Projects with Kimberly Wiefling on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 22

You have to be scrappy to make it in business and in life, and nobody teaches scrappiness like Kimberly Wiefling. Hear how she went from studying Physics to working as an executive in high-tech companies to publishing books on project management and leadership for women and running her own successful business speaking and running training seminars internationally. Kimberly will share the formula she uses to structure her live presentations for maximum learning and audience engagement, and explain how important mentoring and coaching have been in her work, and tell us how she built her business one face-to-face relationship at a time.

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Scrappy Women in Business:


Resources mentioned in this episode

Games Mother Never Taught You by Betty Lehan Harragan:

Barbara Fittipaldi:

Career Action Center:

Sara Hart:

Time to Think by Nancy Kline:

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Teaching Mindfulness to Change the Legal System with Rhonda Magee on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 21

Mindfulness might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of law school, but University of San Francisco Professor Rhonda Magee makes a compelling case for connecting the two. Rhonda believes mindfulness training for law students may be able to help the legal profession overcome a history of systemic bias, and raise awareness of the fundamental values that were always meant to be at the core of our legal system. In this episode, Rhonda will take us through a short mindfulness exercise that can fit into any busy schedule, and share the story of how she translated the religious contemplation she learned from her grandmother into a secular practice that she uses to help herself and her students stay grounded and focused.

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Norman Fischer:

Everyday Zen:

San Francisco Zen Center:

Jon Kabat-Zinn:

Saki Santorelli:

Center for Mindfulness – University of Massachusetts:

Oasis Institute:

Carnegie Foundation:

Scott Rogers:

Design as a Communications Skill with Jina Bolton on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 20

Jina Anne (formerly Bolton) has gone from web design to web engineering and back again, so she understands what it takes to establish Design standards for a project and make them attractive, both visually and technically. In addition, Jina’s talent for evangelizing has helped make her Lightning Design System for Salesforce popular both inside the company and across the open source community. Hear how she built on her community organizing skills, and went from hosting local meetups to creating Clarity, a conference all about Design Systems. Jina will tell us how organized a small team to line up speakers, solicit sponsors, and get the word out, all while still holding down a full-time job, and managing her own open source projects on the side.

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Clarity Conference:

Lightning Design System:


Resources Jina mentioned

The Art and Science of CSS:

Richard Danne:

Nathan Curtis:







The Mixin:

Hampton Catlin:

Chris Eppstein:

Anna Pickard:

Smashing Magazine:

CSS Tricks:

Chris Coyier:

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Cordelia McGee-Tubb:




Salesforce IQ:


Building Your Community First with Alex Hillman on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 19

A lot of people think of a coworking arrangement as renting a desk when you can’t work anywhere else. But Alex Hillman, the founder of Indy Hall, sees it as an opportunity to build a community, and maybe even help define the future of professional relationships both in and out of physical space. In this episode, Alex will tell us how the loneliness of freelancing drove him to start looking for alternatives to working in isolation, what it takes to train a team to nurture solid connections, and how a third-grade experience with fish sticks got him started down the path toward changing the world one relationship at a time.

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Chris Messina:

Tara Hunt:

Simon Sinek:

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek:



30×500: https://30×


Getting Angry and Getting Things Done with Ashe Dryden on Hack the Process Podcast, Episode 18

When Ashe Dryden gets angry, she does something about it. She writes, she speaks, she tweets, she hosts conferences such as AlterConf, and she organizes fundraising programs. And as an engineer who knows what it’s like to be a member of a marginalized group, the issue at the heart of Ashe’s anger is diversity awareness in the tech and gaming industries. Ashe’s outspoken activism has gotten her a lot of attention, both positive and negative, but she manages to find balance in her own life by maintaining friends and hobbies outside of the tech world, and paying attention to her own needs while fighting for the needs of others. Hear how Ashe turned herself into an expert and an internet celebrity, how she structures her time, and how she applied new learnings along with the skills she already had when she got started.

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Fund Club:


Shanley Kane:

Model View Culture: